Monetization for game developers

using the Godot Game Engine

As a Godot game developer, You now can offer players fast and reliable in-game purchases, without middlemen or fees. Insert-coin(s) uses Lightning Network, the latest payment-technology on Bitcoin. The technology - also known as the LNP/BP protocol - offers instant (micro)payments, as low as $0,001.

With retail prices of games declining rapidly and platforms taking a large cut, the time is right for new ways to monetize on game development. With insert-coin(s) you can easily persuade your customers to play a game, offering a distribution of your game with a pay-per-use business model.


Insert coin(s) to continue

Fast recurring in-game payments with 100% Open Source software

Engage your customers to keep playing. With insert-coin(s), you can easily enable payment and top-up points throughout your game.
For example as a buy-in option to keep playing after game over, or before the start of a new level or chapter. In RPG`s players can buy items or enhancements and in a multiplayer setup players can sell items, win prize money or even bet on game-endings. Insert-coin(s) can be used to incentivise people to invite new players to your game or reward players that create content, mods or communities.


Follow the tutorial and start earning revenue

Creating invoices for instant micropayments was never this easy

With the Open Source Godot insert-coin(s) project available for download and the step-by-step tutorial for novice game developers, getting paid for your game development has never been as attainable.


Let`s build the virtual economy together

Collaborate with us or sponsor the development of the virtual economy

We`re building our community by connecting Godot developers with the world of digital assets. We`d love to explain the impact we think the combination of virtual worlds and the ownership and exchange of virtual assets can have. You`re invited to join and build the virtual economy together.

We can collaborate in many ways, we`re fun and flexible. :-) Just get in touch!.

Insert-coin(s) offers new business opportunities

State-of-the-art LNP/BP technology offers entirely new monetization schemes, unexplored by the gaming industry

Increase game revenue

In-game purchases without middlemen or fees can increase sales significantly

Engage gamers

Fast micropayments offer new ways to entice players to play longer

Instant settlement on purchases

LNP/BP offers players and developers cheap, secure and extremely fast (micro)payments

New coin-op business models

Allow players to buy-in for extra levels, in-game items or an extra life

Simple code

With insert-coin(s) you can add purchase panels throughout your Godot game with ease

Open source

Insert-coin(s) comes with a MIT license, so join or fork on github