Step 3 - Invoice panel

Create an invoice panel

  • Add a Panel child node under Node (Root Node). Rename it to “invoice”, set the properties under Rect to Position 337×67 and Size: 400×500.
  • Add a Button child node under invoice (Panel), enter it’s value in the Text field property: “generate invoice”, under rect: position 143×9.
  • Add a ColorRect child node under invoice (Panel), position 23×40, size 354×416, leave color white.
  • Add a Sprite child node under invoice (Panel), rename node to “qrcode”, position 200×240.
  • Add a Label child node under invoice (Panel), Text value: “click button to generate qr code”, position 25×470.
  • Hide the invoice (Panel) by clicking the eye icon (right from the Node (invoice) in the Scene tab).
  • Save the Scene you just created (short-cut: ctrl-s) and name it ‘insertcoin.tscn’

Step 4